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Working Together

If there is an upside to Covid, it is that it has brought the needs and voices of ethnic communities to the fore. This seems an opportune moment for the organisations serving and supporting these communities to join together to ensure that those voices continue to be heard and to become stronger. This need is particularly pressing in Devon, where ethnic minorities are spread in pockets around the county and therefore, not visible. 

The benefits of working more closely together are manifold and manifest: 
  • We can maximise our resources;
  • We do not need to reinvent the wheel – if someone else is doing it, refer on;
  • Our clients are less likely to fall through the gaps;
  • We are less isolated and can draw on the support of sister organisations;
  • We can command attention when we speak with one voice and that voice carries farther when it is spread across the land;
  • We can encourage our communities to speak for themselves and we can ensure that they are heard;
  • A stronger presence increases opportunities for securing funding for an underfunded sector;
  • We can form partnerships to work together over a wider spectrum, drawing on a range of skills;
  • We can work to build bridges between statutory organisations and we serve;
  • We can demonstrate the richness of diversity and reduce the fear of the other by being a visible and positive force. 

Devon-wide Network

Following Research conducted early in 2021, it was clear that there is support to build a proposed Network to join up all organising serving ethnic minorities in Devon.

Community Hub

The proposed Community Hub is to provide a home for ethnic minority communities in Devon. The Hub will be a point of reference and contact for the Network and for all other services and statutory bodies. It will be a home and a platform for the communities.


It has come to our attention that an organisation was set up using our name: Exeter Communities Together.  We wish to make clear that no other organisation has the right to use this name.  Exeter Communities Together does not accept any liability for the actions of this or any other organisation which may have assumed our name illegally.