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Membership - Diverse Devon Together


Become an ECT Member to access the following benefits

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Gain new, authentic and diverse experiences on your doorstep

By joining as an ECT Member you will gain new, authentic and diverse experiences across Exeter and Devon.

Broaden your knowledge and deepen your understanding

ECT membership will help you to broaden your knowledge and deepen your understanding of different cultures and communities, as well as give you opportunities to develop language skills, cooking skills, and much more.

Participate in a variety of cultural activities

As an ECT Member, you will also get involved. There is a huge and exciting variety of cultural activities that will keep you interested the whole year ’round!

Meet your community

Not only will membership mean you are part of the ECT community, but you will be welcomed into many different communities to grow and expand your network whilst building friendships and associations with people from all kinds of backgrounds.

How it Works

Express you interest by contacting Willem Tapper, Project Coordinator, via email.



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If you are interested in joining ECT as a member, please contact us, Project Coordinator, at admin@exetercommunitiestogether.org.uk

We communicate via e-mail. We also use Signal (download here) to protect your personal information. Signal is a nonprofit organisation that has all the same benefit as WhatsApp, but with better privacy and more.  

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