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City of Sanctuary February Newsletter - Diverse Devon Together

Exeter University Routes Event Wednesday 10th February at 4.00pm:

‘Marriage, migration and Integration’ with Professor Katharine Charsley (University of Bristol) who will talk about her recently published book.


Good news …  

Stansted 15: Activists who stopped migrant deportation flight have convictions overturned. Lord Chief Justice says demonstrators have ‘no case to answer’ for offences they were charged with.


There have been many headlines again this week concerning the conditions for asylum seekers housed in barracks. Here are a couple …

Home Office put refugees in barracks after fears better housing would ‘undermine confidence’ in system. Internal documents reveal ministers justified placing hundreds of asylum seekers in military camps because more ‘generous’ accommodation would damage public perception of asylum system


Former immigration minister criticises use of barracks to house asylum seekers. Tory MP Caroline Nokes says Home Office is trying to make UK seem ‘as inhospitable as possible’.


You may also be interested in … 

‘Very marked increase’ in academics fleeing persecution abroad, charity warns. Organisation says it is seeing more applications than any other point in its 87-year history.


UN urges countries to repatriate 27,000 children from Syria camp